We use manual technique
tofficienty clean Leather®

We use only Organic,

Pay after the Cleaning Service is complete.
Pay in whatever way is most convenient for You.


Has the initial luster of your Leather faded with the slow ‘Process of Time’? The original appearance isn’t there anymore? There are stains and odors that just won’t go? Call PowerGreen. We’ll remedy the an area due for a proper cleaning. Your wish is our command. PowerGreen offers professional cleaning services to bring your Leather back to Life!

Our Expert-Technicians come to your Home at an ‘Agreed-Time’. The time is up to you and we can work with you to set the best time to come and clean. We are proud to use Organic Cleaning Agents which do a fantastic as well as safe job at removing the dirt off of any Leather and we completely dispel the hopelessness of foul odors.


Хим средства для чистки

Organic, Non-Allergenic Solutions are the only solutions that we use to clean your Leather.

  • We guarantee that any dirt that we see will be completely cleaned up from all Leather. And we do find the dirt that is not so visible too.
  • We give your Leather a dirt-repellent effect with the use of some additional solution.
  • We guarantee that after we are ‘through’ with your Leather; it will show no sign of deterioration or loss of color.
  • The Solutions we use leave no odors and you need not worry about suffering any allergic reactions; for with what solutions, we choose to clean your Leather, are completely safe.
Оборудование для чистки

We continuously keep ‘up-to-date’ with the science behind the best possible Equipment. We always aim to do our job just a little bit better each time. This we feel is best. .

  • We are skilled at using manual technique to absolutely clean the dirtiest of areas that you wish to be cleaned.
  • We use the leather efective cleaners to thoroughly and efficiently remove residues that may have merged with dirt. This merging of ‘dirt+ solution’ must be done for the cleaning to be superb.
  • We can save not only your Leather but also your Time.



In order for You to receive an accurate ‘quote’, please provide us with the dimensions of your Leather chair or couch or a picture.


  • We examine furniture for local contamination. We select a solution cleaning agent.
  • We collect dust, debris and dirt with a vacuum cleaner.
  • We apply solution on the leather, we process complex stains.
  • We collect the remains of solution and dirt with towels.
  • We apply the leather conditioner in the end of the cleaning.
  • 4-6 hours after cleaning, your furniture will be ready for use.

There Are More Reasons to Hire Us

  • Our method of cleaning is consciously done, diligent and accurate.

  • We know and understand exactly which products and equipment are to be used, depending on the surface that is contaminated as well as the very nature of the contamination itself.

  • The Technicians that we employ have years of experience when it comes to cleaning Leather.

  • Your property - in general – is safe and always in our utmost care.

Frequently asked Questions:

  • The time required to clean what you want cleaned, depends on the extent of work needed to be performed and the contamination to be dealt with. After all details have been specified, Our Manager will provide You with the precise time of Cleaning.

  • It is important to know the difference between (1) Basic Cleaning and (2) Deep Cleaning : What is the difference exactly? Basic cleaning is the thorough maintenance of all furniture-cleaning which is usually every six months to keep the upholstery clean. Deep cleaning, for its part, eliminates persistent spots and any contamination.

  • It’s best to order cleaning 2-3 days ahead of time, however, we do always try to leave a few time slots open, just in case if you need cleaning to be done immediately. We do our best to accomodate 'emergency-cleanings', when asked.

  • At least once a year or every six month we will continue to keep your furniture clean. All you have to do is just select the 'Frequency of Cleaning (periodicity) and in turn we will do our part serve You in the best possible way.

  • All the necessary professional equipment and cleaning solutions a Technician brings with him is already itemized. In this way, We can we truly guarantee the quality of our work.

  • If you need an emergency clean-up at night; that’s our job. The night rate is in effect from 9pm to 7am. During our evening/early morning hours of operation, the night cost of our service increases by 20%.

  • We do indeed hope that all pertinent questions have been answered but if there is anything else that you wish to know; please do not hesitate to ask us.

    Our main objective is to clean (what you wish to be cleaned) very well but also to leave you with a fresh, new feeling of happiness within the pristine environment that we leave for You.